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Send digital dollars from my account
How do I withdraw digital dollars from my DolarApp account?
How do I withdraw digital dollars from my DolarApp account?
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You can withdraw via transfers or cash disposals


There are 3 ways to withdraw digital dollars from your DolarApp account: via SPEI bank transfer (selling them for pesos), via transfer to American accounts via ACH (selling them for dollars), or send to friends using the P2P payment feature.

Bank transfer SPEI

To transfer via SPEI you will need to add destination accounts within the app, add the CLABE and the name of the recipient and you can send as many times as you want without any cost.

Transfers by SPEI have a minimum amount of 3 digital dollars, you can send any amount that exceeds the equivalent in MXN to 3 digital dollars according to the exchange rate at the time of the transaction.

ACH Transfers

When you activate the USA account data in the account section of the app, you can send and receive dollars as if you were in the United States.

All ACH transfers, both to send and receive, have a fixed cost of 3 digital dollars.

P2P payments

Using P2P functionality you can send any amount of digital dollars to your friends, whether they are within DolarApp or in your contact list, without any cost or minimum amounts.

Cash disposals

With your physical DolarCard you can make withdrawals in any ATM in the world. DolarApp charges a 1% fee for ATM withdrawals; also, be aware that some other commissions could apply and will vary depending on the bank.

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