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PayPal Transfers
PayPal Transfers

⛔️ At this time, we do not support transfers from PayPal.

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⛔️ At this time, we do not support transfers from PayPal.

Future plans for PayPal integration

We are excited to share that we are actively working on integrating PayPal transfers into our platform. Our team is dedicated to implementing this feature, understanding its significance in making our financial services more accessible to a broader audience. We will make an official announcement as soon as PayPal transfers are supported.

Current top-up options

Currently, DolarApp supports a variety of payment methods tailored to provide flexibility and convenience for our users. We aim to facilitate smooth and secure transactions for all our users, regardless of their preferred payment method.

Alternatives (guides)

Both for our users and for us, it is crucial to have this funding method available. However, while our team is working on it, here are some alternatives to keep your DolarApp account funded.


Using intermediaries can be a perfect bridge between your PayPal funds and DolarApp. While we would love for you to make the transaction directly, you can transfer your funds from PayPal to other apps and then to DolarApp. For example:

Request Payments Directly to DolarApp

If you receive your salary or freelance payments from clients regularly or sporadically, change your payment method! Request to be paid directly through DolarApp and share your US banking details for ACH or Wire transfers. The best part? Fees are lower, and you only pay $3 per transaction.​

Here are some guides based on different banks:

Offer Your Employers to Pay Through DolarApp

Do you work for a company where many or all employees are in Argentina, Colombia, or Mexico? DolarApp offers business accounts to make transactions and payroll much easier. For more information, contact our Head of Business at and schedule a call. The best part of this alternative? You receive your full salary with no fees involved💚

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