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Spend with your DolarCard and get a trip on us ✈️
Spend with your DolarCard and get a trip on us ✈️
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We're raffling off a prize of up to $3,000 USD to cover travel expenses among users who use the card from March 22 through April 9, 2024 (both inclusive). Follow us @getdolarapp on Instagram and Twitter to find out if you won. The winner will be announced on April 10, 2024.

How does the sweepstakes work?

💳 Use your DolarCard.

The sweepstakes will be conducted among all users who have made completed payments with their DolarCard during the promotion period. Uses at ATMs (automated teller machines) are excluded.

🤑 Earn points for all your purchases.

For every 1 USDc you spend with your card, you will earn 1 point in the sweepstakes. The more points you accumulate, the more chances you have to win.

🤯 Bonus - Accumulate more points with "Groups".

Your DolarCard payments you split with friends in the new Groups feature will be worth more points, i.e. for every 1 USDc spent you will earn 3 points. Valid only for Groups with 10 or more DolarCard payments.

✈️ Prize: Up to $3,000 USD reimbursable for your next trip expenses.

  • The winner will receive a reimbursement to cover expenses for their next trip, up to a maximum of $3,000 USD. The reimbursement will be made to the winner's DolarApp account.

  • The trip will have to be taken after the sweepstakes period: from April 11, 2024 until April 11, 2025.

  • Only travel expenses paid with the winner's DolarCard will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $3,000 USD.

    • Reimbursable travel expenses: transportation (plane, boat, train, bus, car), lodging (hotel, Airbnb), activities (museums, touristic activities, etc), meals during the trip (restaurants, etc).

    • Non-reimbursable expenses: gambling (lottery, casinos), shopping (clothes, appliances, products, etc).

  • Only travel expenses that meet the conditions and have been verified by the DolarApp team as "reimbursable travel expenses" will be reimbursed, up to a maximum of $3,000 USD. Ex: if total reimbursable travel expenses total $2,000 USD, then that amount will be reimbursed.

🏆 Winner announcement.

We will announce the winner on April 10 on our Instagram account @getdolarapp and Twitter @getdolarapp. To receive the prize, the winner must send DolarApp a thank you video to post on our networks. If we are unable to contact the winner by the announced means after 3 attempts until April 15, the drawing will be repeated and we will look for another winner.

The campaign is valid for all app users from March 22nd to April 9th, 2024.

Do you have any questions? Contact our support team through the app and they will help you with whatever you need.

* DolarApp reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, alter, suspend or terminate the terms and conditions of the Promotion at any time and for any reason.

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