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Can I add my card to Apple Pay?
Can I add my card to Apple Pay?
Updated over a week ago

That’s right, if you’re either a Mexican, Argentinian or Colombian user, you can link your DolarCard to Apple Pay and pay instantly in thousands of merchants from the comfort of your iPhone.

Here’s how to add your DolarCard to your Wallet

Getting started with Apple Pay on DolarApp is quick and easy. Follow these steps to link your DolarApp card to your Wallet:

  1. Open your DolarApp account, and go to the Cards tab. 📲

  2. Select the card you want to add to your Wallet. 💳

  3. Tap the "Add to Apple Wallet" button and follow the simple steps provided in your app. 🍏

  4. Set your DolarCard as your preferred payment method within Apple Pay. ✅

Once you've linked your DolarCard to your Apple Wallet, it’s ready to be used! Make quick and effortless payments with just a tap of your iPhone, all with the same great benefits you expect from DolarApp.

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