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Can I add my card to Google Pay?
Can I add my card to Google Pay?

Enjoy all the benefits of your DolarCard with Google Pay. Safer and faster than ever.

Updated over a week ago

We're thrilled to announce that Google Pay is now available on DolarApp, bringing a seamless and even more convenient way to pay with your DolarCard.

With Google Pay, easily add your card to your digital wallet and make payments with a tap of your phone. Say goodbye to searching for your wallet, everything you need is just a tap away!

Here’s how to add your DolarCard to Google Pay:

  1. Download the Google Wallet app from the Google Play store.

  2. Open the Google Pay app and tap on “Add to Wallet”.

  3. Tap the "Payment card" button and then on “New credit or debit card”.

  4. Follow the steps to link your card inside the Google Pay app.

  5. Set your DolarCard as your preferred payment method within the Google Pay app.

Once you've linked your DolarCard to Google Pay wallet, it’s ready to be used! Make quick and effortless payments with just a tap of your phone, all with the same great benefits you expect from DolarApp.

Have questions? Chat to our support team in the app or contact us at

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