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How do fee-free ATM withdrawals work?
How do fee-free ATM withdrawals work?

We explain how fee-free ATM withdrawals work with your Premium membership.

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One of the benefits of being a Premium member is being able to withdraw up to 500 USDc fee-free through any ATM, whether local or international*, per month.

Standard members must assume a 1% commission on all ATM withdrawals, regardless of whether it is local or international* and regardless of the amount.

Does this mean that I have a total of 1,000 USDc for fee-free ATM withdrawals?

No, you only have 500 USDc, and all local or international* withdrawals will be considered.

How can I track my ATM withdrawals and available limit?

In the "Premium" tab, you can find information related to the consumption of your limit.

*International ATM withdrawals are only available for Mexico and Colombia users.

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