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How to send balance from Chase JP Morgan to DolarApp
How to send balance from Chase JP Morgan to DolarApp
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You can make a wire transfer from your Chase JP Morgan bank to DolarApp by following these simple steps:

Log in to your Chase JP Morgan app

You can log in from your phone or the web. On the main screen, select the "Wires & Global Transfers" option, then go to the "Domestic" tab.

Log in to your DolarApp and find your bank details

You can find your US transaction details in your DolarApp by selecting the "Receive" button, then "Dollars" and, "Wire." Note that the top section has details for ACH and Wires in different tabs. You should use the Wire details.

Add the details to Chase JP Morgan and remember the MEMO

Add the account number, routing number, and other required details as prompted by Chase.

Once added, select "Additional Routing Info" (also known as "Message to recipient") to paste the MEMO. (Without this MEMO, your transfer will be returned to the senders account).

Finally, enter the address available in the "Account address" collapsible within your app.

Confirm the details by checking the box.

Verify all the entered details, and you're done.

Double-check everything you’ve entered, and you're set! 🚀

Please note that ACH transfers can take 3 to 6 business days to complete, while WIRE transfers usually take 48 business hours. It is crucial to include the MEMO; without it, the WIRE transfer will be returned to the senders account.

If you have any questions about this process or encounter any issues, don't hesitate to contact our support team via the chat available in the app or by emailing

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