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How does the free US transfer work?
How does the free US transfer work?

We explain how the free US transfer works and how to use it.

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One of the benefits of being a Premium member is being able to receive or send up to one (1) free US transfer per month, unlike standard members who must assume a cost of 3 USDc in all transfers.

Please note that the free transfer you are granted for being a Premium member is valid for sending or receiving money from the United States through the bank account provided by DolarApp and is automatically renewed every month*, starting from the date you subscribed to Premium.

*The month is calculated from your subscription date, and are not calendar months (01 to 31 of each month).

Does this mean that I am entitled to receive a free transfer and also to send a free transfer?

No, you only have one free monthly transfer, either send or receive. Either one will be counted.

How do I know if I have free transfers available in the current period?

In the "Premium" tab, you can find information related to your free US transfer.

In addition, you will be able to identify the Premium label in different places in the app and validate that the benefit is indeed being applied to you.

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